review: maxi-peel exfoliant cream nos. 1 & 2



before and after using maxi-peel

before (left) and after (right)


i used it for 3 months, religiously applying twice everyday — after taking a bath in the morning and after washing my face before sleeping at night. it worked pretty well on me.


during the first two weeks, my face was stinging and i had a lot of blackheads and pimples. it resided after two more weeks of constant usage. no. 2 works faster than no. 1 (well, duh). peeling is observed in the first month of usage (so about 4 weeks for no. 2, while 6 weeks for no. 1).


1. ) the peeling is normal. don’t get too happy and excited just because you can see that you are exfoliating (and therefor the product is working). DO NOT EVER TAKE THE PEEL OFF. don’t force it dude. let it peel on its own so no discoloration would happen.

2.) just to be sure, always put on sunscreen on your face even if you’re not regularly exposed to the sun. i use maxi-peel’s sunblock with spf20. it was fine and my face never got burned (spf20 is even actually quite low. so if you could, buy something with higher spf).

2.) make sure to not stay under the sun long enough for you to burn. objectively, that would be about more than a cumulative of 10 minutes (emphasis on cumulative). i would always use an umbrella when i go out. i make it a point to avoid staying outdoors.  maxi-peel is made up of hydroquinon, a factor that inhibits melanin production in the skin. melanin causes skin browning. it is a natural mechanism of the skin to prevent skin cancer from heat and radiation.


using this product makes me more susceptible to the dangers of the heat of the sun. but i gambled it all to have fairer skin, which i eventually had. i had to stop though for fear that too long use of the product might lead to skin complications.

a week after i stopped, my past skin color came back that i decided to use another product, garnier light day and night cream (see next post for review of garnier light day and night cream).

*i tried only the 1 and 2 of the maxi-peel exfoliant creams because my face wasn’t really that bad.